CHIP MUSIC IS DEAD dot Manifesto

                       ___       __
             _______  /  /      (__)
            /   ___/ /  /      ___
           /   /    /  /____  /  /______
          /   /    /  ___   |/  //  ___ \   _____
         |___|___ /  /  /  //  //  /__/ /  /____/  ___
         /  /___/|__/  /__//__//  .____/          /  / 
      __/  /_ ____   _____ ___/_ /___   ______ __/  /_
     /_   __// __ \ /  __//  __//  _ \ /  __  /_   __/
      /  /_ / /_/ //  /  /  /  /  ___//  / /  //  /_
     (____/ \____//__/  /__/   \____//__/ /__/(____/


            CHIP MUSIC IS DEAD dot Manifesto

On the 31 of August, 2007, Ignatz posted a manifesto on both the Micromusic-forum and the LSDJ-mailing list where he declared the chip music dead. Why? Because he thought that Teh Mainstream is reaching to grip around the fragile retroneck of chip with it’s laws of consuming that turn everything it touches into shit and effectively kill everything the culture stands for.

This compilation is a reaction to that manifesto. Is chip music and culture truly dead? Is that a good thing? Is Ignatz wrong? Will we be consumed by Mainstream? How can we defend ourself against the “threat”?

This compilation is also the first release by the new netlabel Chiptorrent, which will mainly create theme-compilations released ith the help of the very excelent BitTorrent-protocol. See more:

Everyone is welcome to send material. And by everyone I mean _everyone_. Not only Tracking purists, but pixel artists, ascii wranglers, gfx haxers, retro beauties, troll-whores, and democoders: Everyone who got anything to say on this subject should do so. Hopefully, this compilation will be full of content from many types of media: Music, pictures, ascii, text, podcasts, software, anything which suites you best.

All participants are encouraged to send their work to me at operagasten -atatat- gmail -dototot- com , in the form of links (not myspace!) or attatchments. I’m also a frequent visitor of #8bc on Freenode.

Last date for material-submition is Sunday 18/11 -07.

This is some highlights from the beginning of the thread on the LSDJ-mailing list. Use this for inspiration.

And Please, do not make this a bash-Ignatz-compilation!


7 Responses to “CHIP MUSIC IS DEAD dot Manifesto”

  1. Is there a companion site for this blog with the torrents, or will you be posting them here? Regardless, good luck with it!

  2. All torrents will end up here. Both as a blog-entry, and on a page called Releases, or something similarly silly. You will get them easily as soon as they are out.

  3. […] fist release will be a reaction to a pretty controversial manifesto by Ignatz (aka Neotericz, and other) where […]

  4. […] and the compo is going great, thanksforasking! Got a couple of songs already, and the cover-art is coming along […]

  5. FYI, the material-collection phase will be on a bit longer. So, you got until Sunday next week to finish whatever you are working on. Hope to hear from you!

  6. i’ll send you something in a day or two :D

  7. This compilation is now released! Grab it here!

    Let the seed be eternal!

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