CHIP MUSIC IS DEAD dot Compilation


It’s released! Chiptorrent’s first release is now out (with a wee bit of change in name). Featuring 38 megs of micro-inferno by artists such as MM, Flashback, and little-scale. Grab the torrent while it’s hot!

Let the seed be eternal!

:: ABOUT ::

On the 31 of August, 2007, Ignatz posted a manifesto on both the Micromusic-forum and the LSDJ-mailing list where he declared the chip music dead.
Why? Because he thought that Teh Mainstream is reaching to grip around the fragile retroneck of chip with it’s claws of consuming that turn everything it touches into shit and effectively kill everything the culture stands for.

This compilation is a reaction to that manifesto. Is chip music and culture truly dead? Is that a good thing? Is Ignatz wrong? Will we be consumed by Mainstream? How can we defend our-self against the “threat”?

(About the cover:
At least here in Sweden, the country of chip music, shirts with broad black-and-white stripes were considered “Alternative” (especially when it’s worn with keffiyeh). Everyone who was a bit excentric, arty or
otherwise weird wore on all the time.
Some years ago it became modern to be “your own” and “alternative”. It was important to “find your own style” and “personality”. What did the alternative people wear? Copy-paste.
Nowadays, the most frequent wearers of this clothing are those 14-year old girls who spend most of their time on social networking sites and poses on hotornot. Not the alternative crowd (even if it’s not totally out of the picture).
I thought this was a bit fitting.)

:: TRACKS ::

1. altemark – bushfirst
2. little-scale – extractionpoint
3. FB5K – Arcade State Of Mind
4. mikro orchestra – lobo.mp3
5. Kami86k – Echolifter
6. Flashbob – Every Once In A While
7. MM – Just Can’t Get Enough (Depache Mode Remix)


5 Responses to “CHIP MUSIC IS DEAD dot Compilation”

  1. Hi, I blogged about this

    Can I also ask you to seed this better? If I can just download it, I’ll keep seeding it.

  2. Cool to see that this gets attention from the ‘press’!

    About the seeding. I’ve had some IRL-problems that’ve kept me from the computer, and there have also been some problems with my upload which I’m looking into right now. ATM there seems to be 4 seeds, so stick in there! I’d love to see a review.

    (nerdarts added to feed reader)

  3. Hey Gasten, cool. I only saw this now, i have been away from the internet, bad time of year. Can’t wait to hear it all – although it may have to wait a little as i am on a very slow internet connection at the moment.

  4. ClockworkBastard Says:

    I was seeded it for freaking 10 times. And nobody wants to be a seeder =) I suppose.

    Post here an ask, if you want me to seed again. I’ll get a follow-up comments notification

  5. Excellent compilation ! I like particullary Mikro Orchestra and Little-Scale.

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