MM vs FoX – Cacophonetic

mmvsfox_cacophonetic_small.pngAfter 3 years in the making, Chiptorrent is pleased to announce MM and FoX’s new album “Cacophonetic”!

This album is a blend between MM’s happy, yet slightly dark chip melodies and FoX’s brutal hip hop beats, all whipped in a big bowl of craziness, while they nicely avoid all signs of being ‘chip-hop’.

Schizzophrenic initiates this wacky dance fest with some fast breakbeat loops and a really cute piano-lick. And so solo is so awesome! Faster Than Light continues with a more laid back attitude and sugar sweet square-melody that can be dangerously hard to forget. Lola keeps spinning on the theme, but with up-tempo drums that’ll make your body dance! The title-song Cacophonetic will instantly get you hooked with it’s mesmerizing melodies, and who can resist the euro-hoppy The Damage Is Coming?

This is the kind of album you can play in the background for hours without noticing it, but get really upset when it stops playing. It happened to me several times.

So, grab this torrent, launch your favorite torrent application and listen to this wonderful album.

And seed forever.


4 Responses to “MM vs FoX – Cacophonetic”

  1. Hi.

    I need help connection your tracker, guys. It’s giving me a ‘offline (timed out)’ error msg.

  2. *thepiratebay’s tracker*

  3. Do this still happen? it _should_ not be a long term problem. Can you connect with other torrents on tpb? If not, try with another client.


  4. chip_lover Says:

    And where???

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